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When Life Is Not Like Literature

As a lifelong reader and an English major and an over-thinker in general, I have learned not only to read books, but to analyze them. To ponder them in my mind until I've basically memorized their messages (I do the same thing with songs!). The subtitle of my blog is "the ups and downs in… Continue reading When Life Is Not Like Literature

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Poetry Corner: Tolkien Reading Day

March 25th is here: Tolkien Reading Day! I'll be celebrating this year by continuing to read through The Two Towers. It's taking a bit longer this time through, since I've been busy, as well as tied up with several other great reads! But I'm enjoying taking it slow. I've been able to notice more details, especially… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Tolkien Reading Day

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15 Books to Read for Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year again… Valentine’s Day. Every year, I've had a Valentine's Day-related post. I've talked about lovely love songs, nerdy valentines cards, and resources for Christian singles. Today, I want to talk about books. I'm surprised at myself for not having posted about this sooner, since this is a bookish kind of blog. But… Continue reading 15 Books to Read for Valentine’s Day

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Wise Words #5: A Gentle and Quiet Spirit

I recently finished reading The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer. This was my first Tozer book to read, and I really enjoyed. He and C.S. Lewis, especially, explain even complicated ideas in such a way that I often feel like there are light bulbs going off in my head, while simultaneously thinking Why didn't I think of… Continue reading Wise Words #5: A Gentle and Quiet Spirit

Christian Life

Thanksgiving in the Midst of Change

This past year has had its ups and downs, and--I must admit--it's been tough for me. Moving to a new city, completely altering my routine, and being surrounded by new faces and places has been hard, especially for an introverted homebody like me who loves routine and familiarity. In the midst of change and worry,… Continue reading Thanksgiving in the Midst of Change

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The Quotable Anne: A Touch of Fairyland

Welcome to the fourth post in "The Quotable Anne" series, which will also be the final post. When I first finished reading The Anne of Green Gables series early this autumn, I was in a reading hole. It's always like that after I've invested a lot of time in a certain story line. But I have… Continue reading The Quotable Anne: A Touch of Fairyland