Inspirational, Wise Words Series

Wise Words #1: Removing Myself, Inserting God

Though homework is calling out to me, wanting to be completed as soon as possible, I am intentionally stifling the cry in order to write this blog post. Believe me, doing homework is an easy thing to delay--though sometimes not wise. But don't worry, I still have plenty of time to focus on school in… Continue reading Wise Words #1: Removing Myself, Inserting God

Holidays, Music

7 Lovely Love-Songs for Valentine’s Day

It seems that Valentine's Day is the event which will resurrect my blog. Only, my blog wasn't dead...just hibernating for a little while. I've written a lot about Valentine's Day in the past. For example, I wrote about how much I love Valentine's Day. Another time, I wrote about mine and my sister's nerdy Valentine's… Continue reading 7 Lovely Love-Songs for Valentine’s Day


Happy (Almost) Halloween!

It's nearly half-way through October, and I haven't mentioned a thing about Halloween. This year has sped by, and it's so shocking to realize that Christmas really is just around the corner. I love Halloween and autumn and will enjoy the pumpkins, the autumn leaves, and the Halloween candy, but--for me--Christmas is the light at… Continue reading Happy (Almost) Halloween!