Daydream Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list, right? Even if they don’t write them down, surely everyone has things they’d like to accomplish or experience in their lifetime. I must admit, most of my bucket list items are quite silly. Besides running in a 5k, taking a pottery class, and riding in a hot air balloon, I would love to hold a hummingbird and pet a sheep. Yes, you read that last one correctly. I want to pet a sheep, and you don’t have to tell me I’m a nerd because I already know it.

Getting back to the point, everyone has a bucket list, even if they call it by another name. But not everyone has a daydream bucket list. A daydream bucket list is a term which originates from the imagination of me, myself, and I. It can be defined as a list of goals that a person daydreams about quite often but never plans to actually pursue because of impossibility or the lack of time, determination, or motivation. Examples of daydream bucket list items include, but are not limited to, attending Hogwarts, climbing Mount Everest, discovering a comet, or playing an extra in an epic film like The Lord of the Rings.

One of my daydream goals is to write a novel. Yes, writing a novel would be possible if I decided to put thought, effort, and time into it, but that’s just not something I want to do right now. Perhaps, one day, the inspiration fairies will be gracious to me, and I’ll begin writing away. If I ever do end up writing and publishing a novel, I’ll probably start singing “Impossible” from the Brandy version of Cinderella. Then I’ll announce the publication to all my blog followers, so they can put me on the best seller list–that is, if I have any followers at the time. Hmmm…that could be an issue. I better add that to my bucket list…Get more followers on my blog.

My most elaborate daydream goal is to co-own (with other members of my family) a bakery/book shop/library. I think this would be amazing! Don’t you? My sister and I are always seeing closed-down shops around town, each time mentioning that it could be perfect for OUR shop. I can see it already? Book displays here, food displays there, and maybe even a special spot for book-inspired foods, like Turkish delight from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and chocolate cake from Anne of Green Gables. I have both of these recipes, by the way. Maybe one day I’ll share them.

The way I see it, this dream is meant to come true. I’m going to library school right now, so–in a few years–I’ll know all about books and how to organize and keep track of them.The only problem is that I would only want to include books that I like or could like one day. That means no 1984 or Heart of Darkness and probably a very limited number of teen vampire and sports-related books. That would lose me a lot of business, wouldn’t it? Maybe this should just be a side business, or a book club with very restricted membership.

Then again, if the book selection loses customers, I’ll be sure to get them back with the food. My older sister and I are great experimenters with baking. Okay, mainly my sister, but I’m not completely lost from the baking world. Between us, we can make brownies, cake, several types of cookies, bread (banana bread, rolls, crescent rolls, etc.), eclairs, cream puffs, pies, and cinnamon rolls. My mouth is watering just writing this, which means–oh goodness–I’ll have to eat some carbs later today, and probably in the form of baked goods.

So far, my future vision is fun and games and reading by firelight with a peanut butter cookie in hand. If only owning a business didn’t mean handling money and…everything else that comes along with owning a business. I can’t list the particulars because I really have no idea what business owners face, and I’m not eager to find out. BUT if anyone ever comes along who’s willing to handle the money-side of things, this impossibility could become reality. After all, “impossible things are happening every day.”



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