And if the music is good, you dance.

I’m sad, everyone. Why? Well, because I’ve been neglecting my blog this past month. It couldn’t be helped, though. I have been just plain B-U-S-Y. First, I transitioned from an old job to a new job, and the jobs were actually overlapping for a few weeks. Then I started an online class, so any extra blog time was no more.

“Excuses, Excuses,” you’re probably saying. You are correctomundo! Even in my busier times, I could have found time to blog (for example, while I was sitting up in the middle of the night watching Return of the King.) But that didn’t happen. I don’t want to push myself so hard with this blog that it becomes an obligation instead of a fun hobby. Understand me? No? Well, let’s move on, then.

Last week, I took a staycation. I cleaned my house (which was much needed), worked on some homework, read, hung out with my family, and slept in. Bliss, pure bliss. One other thing I wanted to do during my break, but never got to, was to update my ipod with tons of great music. I’ve gotten plenty of new CDs and songs since I last updated my ipod, and do you know what I usually want to listen to? You’ve guessed right–those songs. But I will get to it this this week…hopefully. Soon, I’ll be cruising along in my car singing to music that I haven’t gotten to sing along with for awhile. And I’ll be freaking out other drivers with my awesome dance moves. It’ll be great.

In honor of the extreme pleasure that new music provides, I want to introduce you to some new songs. Here are just a few of my favorite songs from YouTube. Enjoy.


1. “The Railroad Boy” by The Vespers

The Vespers are absolutely wonderful, and I believe they are working on their third CD right now. Joy! If only they would come to Western Oklahoma, so I could see them in concert!


2. “Hallelujah, What a Savior,” by The Fox and the Hounds

This band doesn’t have any CDs, but all of the songs they’ve redone are AMAZING.


3. “Free Falling,” by Ben Rector

Ben Rector’s pretty big now, so some of you might have heard of him before. The first time I heard him was in concert when he opened for Dave Barnes. I’ve loved his music ever since.

Have you gone on amazing-music-overload, yet? Because I have a lot more where this came from. But I’ll save it for another day.


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