Feeling Crafty…

I’ve been feeling crafty lately, probably because I found this super cute end table at a thrift store the other day for just ten dollars:


Yes, it needs to be redone, but that’s why I’m feeling crafty. 🙂 Before the weather gets cold, I’m going to sand this pretty little thing down and paint it a pale blueish-grayish-greenish color (just as the ocean is described in Sarah, Plain and Tall).

If you know me like I know myself, then you should understand that I can never do only one craft or project at a time. Let me explain myself. Awhile back, I found this color scheme on Pinterest:

When I saw it, I thought, “Well, I have some of these colors in my house already.” So I saved the photo in hopes that I could more fully transform my house later on. And now “later on” is here. Redoing my end table has inspired me to also crochet a matching blanket. I’ve always wanted to learn how to crochet, and now I’m learning! I just needed some motivation. The real job will be finishing the blanket. Apparently, my crocheting–for some reason–is really tight, which means completing this blanket will possibly take months. But that’s all right. Maybe by winter I’ll be able to crochet my blanket while covering up with it, too.

While on the subject of home decorating, let’s talk about “The Property Brothers.” They’re great. Want to know which brother I like better? Without a doubt, Jonathan. I have nothing against Drew. He’s cool. But Jonathan’s carpentry thing is pretty awesome. I only wish he would come design a house for me. But, instead of buying $100 lamps and curtains from some fancy store, I would be quite content with the Wal-Mart (or Target) brand. 🙂

While on the subejct of home decorating television shows, you all should definitely check out “The Rehab Addict.” The lady on the show brings old houses back to life, while keeping as many of the original features as possible. I’ve only seen one episode, but I really want to own the house she was redoing.


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