My Pinterest-ingly Odd Sense of Humor

Sometimes I get in a weird mood and want to go through all the pins on my Pinterest account, deleting the ones that I’m not too fond of anymore. I have a total of 16 boards on my Pinterest page which cover everything from books and crocheting to card-making and home-decorating. Out of all my boards, my humor section (titled “FUNNY!) has the most pins, and probably always will. No matter how many times I go through this board, I never delete any of the pins. I just skim through, reading all of them and giggling as if I had never seen them before. Sometimes, I even get this odd desire to pin them, forgetting that I’ve already pinned them once before. So, to fulfill a desire to share these pins that I think are so hilarious, I’ve decided to share just a few of them here on my blog. Aren’t you excited to see glimpses of my outrageously odd sense of humor? Well–whether you’re ready or not–here it goes.

And there you have it. There are about 220 more where those came from.


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