One Year Anniversary!

Exactly one year ago, I started this blog! This month is also the anniversary of getting my job at the public library where I work and of getting officially accepted into graduate school. Oh, what changes have happened since starting this blog! I can hardly believe I’ve been coming up with posts for a year. When first setting up my page, I honestly had no idea what topics I would write about. I wasn’t even sure that I could come up with enough ideas to keep the blog up and running. But, boy, was I wrong. Once I wrote my first post, the ideas came flooding in. There is even a list on my phone for blog ideas! I never know when inspiration will hit…though it’s usually in those last moments between waking and sleeping, or in the shower.

In celebration, here is a list created just for you of my top ten favorite blog posts from this past year. I had a blast writing these, and I hope you have just as much fun reading them!

1. My NERD-alicious Bucket List: Let’s face it–in real life, I’m just a big nerd. And this post talks about all of the nerdy goals I wish to accomplish.

2. Daydream Bucket List: I have a rather long bucket list, yet many of my desires (the ones discussed in this post) are so extravagant that they’ll probably never be accomplished, which is why they have been categorized as daydream bucket list items.

3. Life and Death in YA Literature: Young Adult literature is so popular these days. I read all the books and watch all the movies, yet the end of a series never seems to satisfy me. Read this post to find out which authors end their books the right way (or–more likely–in completely the wrong way).

4. A (FANTASTIC) Spooky Silent Film: This post had to make the top ten because it contains a silent film that I helped make with my nephews. It was fun to make, so you should watch it! The kids had a blast!

5. The Super Power of Reading: Even though I’m an English major and librarian, I read at an incredibly slow pace, and I often feet out-done by people reading five books a week. This post talks about the reliable rules for slow readers like me.

6. Thankful for: Friendship and New Experiences: I have a great best friend who always wants me to go places with her and experience new things. Read this post to find out how a hermit-ish blogger like me manages to have such a great friend.

7. I’d rather read a novel…: I’m in school, but I dread having to read textbooks. I’d rather stick with reading novels. However, there are some historical novels out there that are pretty informative and entertaining, and I have listed the top three here!

8. The Ultimate LORD OF THE RINGS Parody Collection: This post didn’t take much writing on my part, but it does contain a collection of parody videos inspired by The Lord of the Rings. The videos are a few minutes long each, but they make me laugh out loud every time I watch them!

9. My Pinterest-ingly Odd Sense of Humor: There is also not much writing on this, but this post does give a pretty strong idea of my sense of humor by showing several pins from my humor board on Pinterest.

10. Jane Austen, Part 1: The Men: There’s no denying it–one of the best thing about Jane Austen’s novels are her male characters. But, since some are better than others, I compiled a list of my favorite Austen heroes.



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