3 Challenges of Healthy Living

With the summer months coming on, I have again begun to realize my extreme need to be fit. The months of hibernation are passed; and with the painful cold weather gone, I have no excuse to stay indoors cuddled under blankets. The problem is that, as much as I am convinced of my need for healthy living, the steps to get to there have turned out to be quite a challenge. I should know, since I’ve tried time and time again to be healthy, both by exercising and eating right, but all those times turned out about like this:


During two of my past attempts at consistently working out, clumsiness befell me–first, I tripped down some steps and pulled a ligament in my toe; during another attempt, I dropped a weight on that same toe and broke it, thus ending my workout schedule. This year, I’m two weeks into my walking/running routine and have yet to injure myself (not including the two giant bruises on my leg–I’m telling you, I’m clumsy!) So, if I manage to keep myself from harm, I should be able to reach a state of healthy living by the end of the summer–that is, if I can get past these three challenges that make healthy living difficult.

1. Exercise is not #1 on my list of fun things to doSome people might enjoy running, lifting weights, and all that, but–unfortunately–I am not included in this group. I remember a time during grade school when running was fun–oh, how I wish I could have that enthusiasm back! On cool evenings, I’ve caught a hint of this past enjoyment, but with the heat of summer kicking in, I find a lot more enjoyment laying in front of a fan.

2. Food is deliciousIt’s true. I love food way to much. Where I work, cookie runs are a normal occurrence. Because cookies are delicious–too delicious!

3. Vegetables are not so deliciousIf vegetables were as yummy as cookies, I’d be the healthiest person alive. Sadly, this is not the case. Oh, if only I could find some bearable veggie recipes!–this will be my task for the summer.

Now that I have pinpointed the challenges of being healthy, I declare that I will not let these challenges get in my way. I am determined! And if I could also avoid tripping and dropping heavy items on my toes, that would help.


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