An Over-Fondness of Cookies

Since my younger sister is getting married in July, it’s only normal that I’ve been looking at wedding photos on Pinterest, trying to come up with fabulous ideas to make Bethany’s wedding better than any other wedding. However, sometimes I get sidetracked, and I find ideas that I would rather use for myself. I forget the wedding that is actually going to take place this summer and start thinking about the event that might one day happen. One of the ideas I’ve discovered, though I will not let my sister have it, I will share with you.


Just imagine it–cookies, cookies everywhere, all kinds! It’s a dream wedding idea! Which confirms it…I may be addicted to cookies. Anyone who has known me for a significant amount of time will know that I am fond of cookies–overly fond, in fact! They know that to make my day better, they need only bring me a cookie. My obsession with cookies apparently started at a young age, which the following photo proves. Just look how cute I am!


In the photo, I’m making peanut butter cookies, still my all time favorite. And the best ever peanut butter cookie is homemade. So, for a change, I would like to share with you all the peanut butter cookie recipe that I’ve been using for years. Peanut Butter cookies



Enjoy. 🙂

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