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Ten Favorite “Doctor Who” Moments

I’m so excited–I’m finally caught up on “Doctor Who!” After Netflix deleted the show, I didn’t think I’d ever be able to watch the most recent season (there isn’t a tenth season yet, right?). Just when I was about to break in and buy it (despite my limited funds), the perfect solution presented itself: THE LIBRARY!

Didn’t think it was possible, but libraries have proved themselves to be more awesome than I previously thought. I was able to order the ninth season of “Doctor Who” through Inter-Library Loan. A warning, just in case you want to try this–not all libraries will order dvds. But I’m lucky to be best friends with the ILL librarian of a library which allows this.

As a celebration, I’ve come up with some of my favorite moments from “Doctor Who.” I tried to pick moments from all of the Doctors on the “new” seasons.

The Ninth Doctor

1) When the Doctor gives “air from his lungs” as a gift:


2) When the Doctor gets all sassy with Cassandra:



The Tenth Doctor

3) When Donna and the Doctor finally find each other again:


4) When the Doctor tries to describe the concept of time, and then goes on to have a conversation through a television screen:


5) When the Doctor describes books as weapons:



The Eleventh Doctor:

6) When the Doctor takes Vincent Van Gogh to the future:


7) When the Doctor shows Craig up at Soccer, or “football” in England:


The Eleventh/Twelfth Doctors

8) When the eleventh Doctor calls Clara from the past telling her to give the twelfth Doctor a chance:



The Twelfth Doctor

9) When the Doctor is inside his tiny TARDIS:


10) When the Doctor describes the bootstrap paradox with his electric guitar:



These are just some of my favorite scenes. I could probably make a separate list for each Doctor, but this will have to do for now. By the way, I love Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. So if you gave up on him, get back in there and watch!



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