The Routine Goddess

If you’ve visited my blog before, you might notice that it looks a little different. Yesterday, it looked like this:


Now, it looks…completely different. Typically, I’m not big on change. Redesigning my blog was more my sister’s idea. She enjoys changing things up a bit.

Even growing up, I didn’t change my environment very much. I stayed in the same bedroom for 10+ years. My siblings swapped rooms a few times, but I stayed right where I was. Even within my bedroom, I had my own little corner that never changed. My sisters rearranged their corners, swapped sides, moved their beds around…anything for a little variety. But I didn’t contribute.

The same goes for my apartment. I moved in three years ago. I’ve rearranged a couple times (because the poor placement of the wall heater forced me too). But the wall decorations have been basically the same for three years.

For a class last week, I had to take a quiz to figure out my leadership style. There were four possible results: Gold, Green, Blue, and Orange. I am gold. I am organized, and I do NOT do well with change. Well, that explains things…

So, for me, changing the background of my blog is a pretty big step. I hope you like it because it might be this way for several years.

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