The Blessing of Being an Aunt

Yesterday, I became an aunt for the SEVENTH TIME! Little Ruby is my fourth niece, and she has brown hair and brown eyes–which is new for our usually blue or green-eyed family. In one week, I’ll be able to soak in some cuddles from my lovely little niece, and I can’t wait!

September 15th…what a lovely day to be born on…such a romantic ring to it and such a great time of year. Ruby got lucky. Plus, it’s exactly one week before my other niece’s birthday, which I’m sure she is super excited about. September 15th is also the birthday of Agatha Christie. What a neat person to share a birthday with! In celebration, my sister and I watched, not an Agatha Christie movie, but the Agatha Christie episode of “Doctor Who.” You know the one with the giant killer wasp which is actually an alien? Yeah, you gotta love “Doctor Who.”

Even after all of these years, being an aunt never gets old. My oldest nephew is 13 years old, and he’s taller than me, which makes me want to cry a  little. We’ve done some great things with the kids over the years. Even before my first niece was born, we were all about tea parties, and not pretend ones. We had full glasses of tea (with treats). We also played classical music, put our pinkies up, and spoke in British accents–adults included. One of the crazier things we’ve done is make some homemade silent films, one of which you can view here. Go ahead and watch it! I did just now, and the boys still crack me up! We also filmed some bits of The Lord of the Rings and, of course, Beauty and the Beast–where I played the enchantress and (later) a wolf. I’m a great actress. What can I say?

To go along with this topic of being an aunt, I wanted to find some examples of great aunts in literature, but there really aren’t that many. However, I did come up with the perfect match…the “unclaimed treasures” from the Sarah, Plain and Tall books. These three sisters are very enthusiastic aunts, and they know how to take it easy. The book Skylark mentions repeatedly that they always walk around in bare feet. Yep, definitely a match. Here’s a small glimpse of the aunts:

“Aunt Harriet played a flute that squeaked sometimes. Aunt Lou played the piano in bare feet, and Brutus watched her pedal. Aunt Mattie danced with a long scarf and a serious look that made Caleb laugh” (MacLachlan 1994).

This picture basically describes me and my sisters, except for the flute.

In my search, I did find a great blog post which talks about literary aunts. It talks about all types of aunts, even Mrs. Reed from Jane Eyre. Yikes! The rest of this blog also looks interesting, so I might have hit on another great blog to subscribe to!

As an ending to this post, I’d just like to say how great it is to be an aunt. I’m excited to see the fascinating person little Ruby will grow up to be! But for now, I’m happy for her to just be small.

Favorite people call me Aunt



MacLachlan, Patricia. 1994. Skylark. New York: HarperCollins.

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