Instagram-ing Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has been on my mind lately because, well, Thanksgiving is this Thursday. In conjunction with that, I’ve also been thinking about social media. I’ve read several blogs, it seems like, that discuss how social media often breeds discontent because people compare their own lives, accomplishments, and possessions with those of others. Seen from the view of social media, other people’s lives usually seem better, more fulfilling. However, there’s also the point that social media (at least for most people) only shows the highlight of people’s lives–the good stuff, not the bad.

But I won’t go into that much more, since other smarter people have already discussed it. Instead, I want to go through a Thanksgiving social media exercise based on what I’ve mentioned above. If it’s true (and I agree that it is most of the time) that people post the highlights of their lives on social media, then–this Thanksgiving–I want to stop looking at other people’s “social media” lives and start looking at my own. For the holiday’s sake, I have gone back through my Instagram posts to see the “highlights” of my life, and most of what I’ve seen is cause for thanks, rather than discontentment.

1. Family

I’m thankful for family…how original. But really, I AM thankful for my family–all the more since I’ve moved to another town. I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving, when we’ll all be together…even though it will be a bit cramped! I wasn’t able to feature my entire family here, but it’s hard to fit in parents, three brother, six sisters, three nephews, and four nieces!


Instagram Family

2. Friends

I’m one of those people with a few close friends, not crowds of acquaintances–though I love getting to know people in the right circumstances. The friends I AM really close to are wonderful and drag me on all sorts of adventures!

instagram friends

3. Animals

You see featured here turtles, toads, llamas, kangaroos, camels, sheep, sting rays, snakes, gorillas, lemurs, ducks, giraffes, and even some llama dolls! Animals crack me up, so I’m always wanting to take pictures of them when I can. The weird thing, though, is that I would never choose to have a pet of my own. A friend recently said that watching me hold a cat was one of the most awkward things she had ever seen. I prefer to admire animals at arm’s length.

The top photo is our family’s dog, Bella, who died earlier this year…tears…

4. Nature

I LOVE the beauty found in nature. Since I’ve moved, I’ve been admiring all of the autumn colors around my new house and workplace. This autumn seems more colorful than usual! I’d also like to have a garden one day (add that to the bucket list). The only problem is the bees.

5. Books

This is no surprise, considering that I’m a librarian. Books are just as beautiful to me as nature, so I enjoy taking pictures of them, as well as reading them.

6. Food

Or should I say…cookies. Cookies are my favorite dessert. I’ve talked about it before. During the past few years, my sister and I have really overdone it on decorating our sugar cookies. But aren’t the Christmas ones below just wonderful? They tasted great, too.


There is so much more on my Instagram page that I’m thankful for, such as art, Christmas and other holidays, going to concerts, finding new adventures, etc. But right here are my top six based on my posted Instagram photos!


Happy Thanksgiving!

“I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart; I will recount all of your wonderful deeds.” -Psalm 9:1


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