The Refreshing Day of an Introvert

I’ve just spent the most marvelous rainy day spoiling my introverted self. As I’ve gotten older, one thing I look forward to is spending days at home. Alone. By myself. No talking to people. Not even family.

Maybe I look forward to these days because they come so rarely. When they do come, it feels like I’m charging back up. I just need to be “plugged in” to my own home for a little while.

Growing up, I would be bored on days like these, maybe because I wasn’t creative enough to entertain myself. Now, I can find plenty to do. I was thinking earlier about what all I’ve accomplished just today, and I realized that all of the listed activities start with a “C”! Yes, I am greatly amused by this discovery, and I will not apologize for it.

Here are my Five C’s of a refreshing introvert day.

  1. Cooking: Today, I made dinner so I would have leftovers to last me all of next week. Making cookies (which would actually fall under “baking”, I guess) is also one of my favorite things!
  2. Cleaning: Admittedly, this is not one of my favorite activities, especially cleaning the bathroom. Yuck. But I do love the feeling of chores being complete at last! And I like having a clean house.
  3. Crocheting: I’m still working on the blanket that I mentioned in another post a few weeks ago. It’s coming along slowly, but I’m getting there!
  4. Crafting: In 2012, I started a daily calendar of memories. Now, I am redesigning it to make it look prettier. Explaining this project in words might get a bit confusing, so I’ll have to post a photo of my completed work!
  5. Chilling: This encompasses any other activity I might participate in on my day off, such as reading or watching TV. Today I watched the BBC version of Sense and Sensibility (not my favorite) and Nicholas Nickleby. As for reading, I’m surrounded by books. Just look at my last post for details.

So that’s how I like to introvert.

What are some activities that help you recharge?


  1. It was a lovely, relaxing Saturday for me as well–which is exactly what I needed after a physically and mentally exhausting Friday. Introvert Recharging for me often looks like writing fanfiction whilst wrapped in a blanket at my computer, haha (and yes, that IS how I spent all of yesterday afternoon!). But it can also look like sitting on my mom’s bed chatting with her, or taking a long walk all by myself. Sometimes you just need that quiet time–and you shouldn’t feel guilty if you need to spend a day recharging, either! I have a feeling I’ll be much better prepared to face society this Sunday morning than I would have been yesterday, thanks to that down-time.

    1. I completely agree with everything you’ve said! Not only do I feel more prepared for socializing during the week, but I also look forward to it more and feel like I have more to offer when I’m physically/mentally/emotionally/ spiritually recharged. So everyone benefits! It’s been a long lesson to learn to realize how important a “day of rest” is, even if I’m not completely to myself like I was yesterday. So yes, recharging is very important! And don’t feel guilty about being cuddled in a blanket all afternoon. That’s one of my favorite activities, especially on rainy days. ☺️

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