Crocheting…for Dummies

In a post from April, I mentioned a blanket I was crocheting that was taking me forever to finish. Well, I finished it! Here’s the finished project!

This was a pretty simple blanket to make–just a single stitch over and over and over again. I started it in January and finished in June. That’s nearly six months! I did, however, occasionally have some long and unplanned breaks.

If you look at my bucket list, you’ll notice that I “learned to crochet” in 2014. While that might be true, it doesn’t mean that I remembered how to crochet four years later. I did not remember a single thing. When I picked up my crochet hook again in 2018, I couldn’t remember how to start. Looking back, I think my 2014 project was even done incorrectly!

This time, I aim to remember what I have learned and to build on it. So far, I have learned three stitches (the single, double, and half-double). Even with these simple stitches, I still have to work on getting them ingrained in my memory. I also learned how to create a scalloped edge, which is actually surprisingly simple–just a variation of the double crochet. I don’t think I would have been able to do it without the Crochet Guru Youtube channel. This channel has a series for beginners that goes over the basic stitches and steps of crocheting: how to start, how to end, how to hold the crochet hook, etc. These tutorials were perfect for me, going over each step slowly and showing it multiple times.

I don’t think I’ll ever be a crazy crochet lady. I wouldn’t know what all to crochet! But I love having something to work on while relaxing and watching TV. I do, one day, hope to get beyond the simple stitches and beyond blankets and scarves and to do something more lovely and complicated!

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