The Unread Shelf Project

Yesterday, I was gladly looking through my Goodreads account, proud that I had achieved my yearly reading goal; but today it has been cleared away, and a new goal must be set. As at the start of every year, I am left with the same problem. Out of the millions of the books that have been written, which ones am I to read this year?

Last year, I decided to take it easy on reading challenges, at least for a little while. The one challenge I considered doing last year, I actually completely forgot about–as in, I have absolutely no recollection of ever finding that challenge, and I definitely never started it. 2018 was a crazy year, and I think I lost my mind a little bit. But I’m back and ready to go.

This year, my main reading goal is to read books I already own. To help inspire me in this challenge, I am joining the 2019 Unread Shelf Project, hosted by @theunreadshelf on Instagram. As the title suggests, this is all about reading those unread books that have been sitting on my bookshelves, and it encourages participants to take a break from buying books (at least during some months). I don’t think I’ll be able to do that last part, but I will try to do the monthly challenges, which are as follows:

  • January: any unread book
  • February: a book gifted to you
  • March: the book that’s been on your shelf the longest
  • April: the book you most recently acquired
  • May: a book you bought because of the movie/TV/theater adaptation
  • June: a book about travel or set in a country you’ve never been to
  • July: a book from a series on your shelf
  • August: a book voted for you to read by bookstagram
  • September: a book you can buddy read with someone
  • October: a book that scared you, whether because of length, content, or actual horror level!
  • November: a book from your favorite genre
  • December: the shortest book on your shelf

I’ll be posting more about the particular books I choose to read on my Instagram @beautyandthemessblog. Join along yourself if you want to! Here are some of the books on my current to-read list, all of which are books that have been sitting on my shelf for a long while.

Happy reading!


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