Welcoming back myself…and why writing matters

Welcome back to a new season of Beauty and the Mess, my blog about the ups and downs in literature and life. For the last few months, I have (in part, intentionally) disappeared from the blogging world in order to simply experience life…and also to take time brainstorming for future posts. After receiving multiple inquiries from different people (mainly family, ha) about when I would start writing again, the wheels of my blogging brain have begun to turn again, at last.

During this break I have realized (as I have at other times in the past) that writing is an essential past-time for me. I can’t say what other people’s minds feel like, but mine feels like its always swarming with thoughts and ideas, so much so that my head can’t contain them all. They must leak out onto the page, or else get out some other way, if I am to stay sane.

So how have I been operating during the past few months?

First, I’d like to thank everyone whom my thoughts have leapt upon as a result of my not writing as much. Whether through in-person conversations, long texts, or phone calls, my thoughts have escaped and preyed upon innocent victims–namely family and friends.

Second, I have not stopped writing altogether. My personal journals have not gathered too much dust, and they do not require neat hand-writing or editing or any organization at all. They’re pure stream of consciousness, and no one needs to understand their contents except the version of myself that is writing in them. Even my future self might look back at them and scratch her head.

Third, I’ve explored different creative outlets. I’ve tried a bit of embroidery (see below for a recent example) and practiced on my brother’s ukulele and on the piano. Finding creative outlets other than writing helps me concentrate my mind in new ways, greasing those old squeaky wheels of the mind that aren’t used to turning anymore. When the well of writing runs dry, maybe it’s time to try something new for a change.

In the wise words of Narnia’s Puddleglum!


Fourth, music…music…music. Music is a big thing for me. Though I’m not in the least bit talented when it comes to singing or playing musical instruments, I am enthusiastic about (certain kinds) of music in the extreme. The lyrics are what get me. It’s not uncommon for me to sit or lay around simply soaking up the lyrics of songs. One new artist I’ve discovered is Sleeping at Last. If you like to sit around interpreting lyrics like I do, check them out.


With a break from blogging filled with inspiration galore, I believe I’m ready to go at it again. I’m armed with a new laptop, new photos to share, and new content. I currently have three posts in the works, and I promise it won’t be three more months before I share them.

Even with other outlets to help me through, I’m excited to continue writing and sharing thoughts. There’s nothing quite like writing to focus one’s thoughts and discover new ones.


How does writing help you? What other creative outlets do you find helpful? Let me know in the comments!


Photo credit goes to Dandi at lifeisjustdandi.blog. Go check out her beautiful page and great content!

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  1. I’ve realized big time in the last few weeks that writing is a big thing for me. I actually got a little bit anxious this morning because I wasn’t sure what I was going to write on my blog heh but yeah its very much essential for me whether its writing here or in my journals!

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