Dreams: The Escape to Insanity

Dreams...what an appropriately spooky topic for the month of Halloween. Or has no one else had a nightmare? Nightmares aren't as common for me as they used to be when I was a child, though I did recently have a dream that I was being chased by the weeping angels from "Doctor Who." Terrifying. There's… Continue reading Dreams: The Escape to Insanity


A Perfect Day for Reading “Edward Tulane”

Today has been a rather tiresome, dull sort of day, and I’ve felt dull and tired with it. So, to boost my spirits, I reread The Miraculous Journey by Edward Tulane. All of it. Because it’s wonderful. Below is a post I made about his book from two years ago, when I first read it. I’m just as enthusiastic about this book as I ever was. There is such a precious message to this story, even though it is about a china rabbit.

“Open your heart…Someone will come. Someone will come for you. But first you must open your heart” (DiCamillo 2006).

If you’re in need of a boost, and maybe a few bittersweet tears, read this book!


DiCamillo, Kate. 2006. The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Candlewick Press.

beauty and the mess

Every once in a while, I’ll read a book and have to tell everyone about it–whether they want to listen or not. I am currently in this state of infatuation with Kate DiCamillo’s The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.

I started it Sunday night and finished reading last night (Tuesday). So far, all of my coworkers and most of my family and friends have heard about my new favorite book. Not two hours ago, I told my brother the entire story line of the book from beginning to end. We were on our way back from Sonic, so he he was trapped in the car with me and had to listen. But I didn’t feel too bad, since I had just treated him to a delicious chocolate shake. And anyway, I think he was amused by the short summary I gave him of this darling book.

Darling…that’s the perfect word to…

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Christian Life

The Dangerous Side Effects of Overthinking

Overthinking is my talent. I'm a natural. If you ever need someone to overthink a situation, call me up and I'll get the job done. But seriously. The same qualities that contribute to my vivid imagination and ability to notice small details also cause me to overthink...overly. Having lived with this quality for over a… Continue reading The Dangerous Side Effects of Overthinking


Five Interview Tips You Won’t Find Everywhere

This week, I'm going a new direction on my blog by offering some *hopefully* useful interview tips. Why this topic, and why now? Well, I got a job, and I went through a lot of interview preparation to get it. So, since I'll probably be leaving the world of interviews behind for a while, I… Continue reading Five Interview Tips You Won’t Find Everywhere

Poetry Corner

Poetry Corner: Lyrical Autumn Changes

Since tomorrow is the beginning of autumn, I would like to change things up a bit by sharing a poem about the changing seasons. Because isn't change what fall is all about? Changing leaves, changing weather, changing from sandals to boots and tank tops to big fluffy sweaters. What lovely change. This autumn will actually present more… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Lyrical Autumn Changes