Inspirational, Wise Words Series

Wise Words #1: Removing Myself, Inserting God

Though homework is calling out to me, wanting to be completed as soon as possible, I am intentionally stifling the cry in order to write this blog post. Believe me, doing homework is an easy thing to delay--though sometimes not wise. But don't worry, I still have plenty of time to focus on school in… Continue reading Wise Words #1: Removing Myself, Inserting God


Bible Verses–Some Favorites

I really should be writing a paper right now, but I'd rather write on here instead. (Don't worry, I won't fail my paper for the sake of blogging...I hope). It's just that I┬áhad a realization about my blog. Lately, my blog has been seeming a little ...what's the word?...superficial. I guess. Most of what I… Continue reading Bible Verses–Some Favorites