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A Period Drama Tag!

I discovered this book/movie tag ages ago (it seems), but it's taken me so long to get to it! I found it at the Coffee, Classics, & Craziness blog and had so much fun reading it and answering the questions in my head that I figured I might as well share it. A period drama… Continue reading A Period Drama Tag!

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Artistic and Musical Whovians

When I'm feeling down, one thing that helps is to have a friend who will kidnap me and take me to do fun things. Luckily, I have one such friend. Pretty recently, this friend (Ashlee)--who is infamous for lugging me off to several fun places like the zoo or the medieval fair--once again worked her magic… Continue reading Artistic and Musical Whovians

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Jane Austen, Part 4: Movie Suggestions

Today while checking my Facebook page, I unexpectedly received a message from my sister which read, and I quote: "You need to do a new bloggedy blog, you blogger you!" I was extremely flattered by this message, realizing that one of my family members, at least, keeps up with my blog. But I also realized… Continue reading Jane Austen, Part 4: Movie Suggestions

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Doctor Who, Season 8: An Overview (and so many questions)

Last night I finished the latest season of "Doctor Who." As you see from the title, the season finale left me with some confusion. But first--an overview! Here are some of my thoughts on season 8 of "Doctor Who." Spoilers included! The Doctor--I absolutely love Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. He's so different from Matt… Continue reading Doctor Who, Season 8: An Overview (and so many questions)