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The Quotable Anne: The Bend in the Road

I got my hair cut today. Just a trim. Nothing drastic. I'm sure only the very observant will notice that anything is at all different about me. That's how it is just about every time I get my hair cut. I'm not a big fan of change--both in well as in life. Today's highlighted… Continue reading The Quotable Anne: The Bend in the Road

Christian Life

The Dangerous Side Effects of Overthinking

Overthinking is my talent. I'm a natural. If you ever need someone to overthink a situation, call me up and I'll get the job done. But seriously. The same qualities that contribute to my vivid imagination and ability to notice small details also cause me to overthink...overly. Having lived with this quality for over a… Continue reading The Dangerous Side Effects of Overthinking

Poetry Corner

Poetry Corner: Lyrical Autumn Changes

Since tomorrow is the beginning of autumn, I would like to change things up a bit by sharing a poem about the changing seasons. Because isn't change what fall is all about? Changing leaves, changing weather, changing from sandals to boots and tank tops to big fluffy sweaters. What lovely change. This autumn will actually present more… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Lyrical Autumn Changes