Happy (Almost) Halloween!

It's nearly half-way through October, and I haven't mentioned a thing about Halloween. This year has sped by, and it's so shocking to realize that Christmas really is just around the corner. I love Halloween and autumn and will enjoy the pumpkins, the autumn leaves, and the Halloween candy, but--for me--Christmas is the light at… Continue reading Happy (Almost) Halloween!


November…the month of writing

Hey there, everyone! Just wanted to let you all know not to expect too many blog posts from me this month because--you guessed it!--November is National Novel Writing Month. Only, I'm in no way going to write 50,000 words. And I'm not even going to attempt writing a novel. Yeah, it's confusing. But, I am… Continue reading November…the month of writing

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Spooky Stories for Halloween

Since it's storming mightily outside at the moment, I figured I should write another spooooky blog post, since the storm is spooky...and loud. Last week as I was setting up a children's book display of autumn/Halloween books, I was inspired to write this post listing five of my favorite spooky children's books. I actually found… Continue reading Spooky Stories for Halloween