Dreams: The Escape to Insanity

Dreams...what an appropriately spooky topic for the month of Halloween. Or has no one else had a nightmare? Nightmares aren't as common for me as they used to be when I was a child, though I did recently have a dream that I was being chased by the weeping angels from "Doctor Who." Terrifying. There's… Continue reading Dreams: The Escape to Insanity


The Blessing of Being an Aunt

Yesterday, I became an aunt for the SEVENTH TIME! Little Ruby is my fourth niece, and she has brown hair and brown eyes--which is new for our usually blue or green-eyed family. In one week, I'll be able to soak in some cuddles from my lovely little niece, and I can't wait! September 15th...what a… Continue reading The Blessing of Being an Aunt

Television and Movies

Doctor Who, Season 8: An Overview (and so many questions)

Last night I finished the latest season of "Doctor Who." As you see from the title, the season finale left me with some confusion. But first--an overview! Here are some of my thoughts on season 8 of "Doctor Who." Spoilers included! The Doctor--I absolutely love Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. He's so different from Matt… Continue reading Doctor Who, Season 8: An Overview (and so many questions)