3 Challenges of Healthy Living

With the summer months coming on, I have again begun to realize my extreme need to be fit. The months of hibernation are passed; and with the painful cold weather gone, I have no excuse to stay indoors cuddled under blankets. The problem is that, as much as I am convinced of my need for healthy living,… Continue reading 3 Challenges of Healthy Living


One Year Anniversary!

Exactly one year ago, I started this blog! This month is also the anniversary of getting my job at the public library where I work and of getting officially accepted into graduate school. Oh, what changes have happened since starting this blog! I can hardly believe I've been coming up with posts for a year. When… Continue reading One Year Anniversary!

Television and Movies

The Ultimate LORD OF THE RINGS Parody Collection

Enjoy The Lord of the Rings books and movies much? Yeah, me too. A lot. I also enjoy some of the Lord of the Rings parodies that people post on YouTube. I have seen plenty of them over the years and have enjoyed some of them so much that I want to share. So today's your lucky day! Included… Continue reading The Ultimate LORD OF THE RINGS Parody Collection