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7 Lovely Love-Songs for Valentine’s Day

It seems that Valentine's Day is the event which will resurrect my blog. Only, my blog wasn't dead...just hibernating for a little while. I've written a lot about Valentine's Day in the past. For example, I wrote about how much I love Valentine's Day. Another time, I wrote about mine and my sister's nerdy Valentine's… Continue reading 7 Lovely Love-Songs for Valentine’s Day


Happy (Almost) Halloween!

It's nearly half-way through October, and I haven't mentioned a thing about Halloween. This year has sped by, and it's so shocking to realize that Christmas really is just around the corner. I love Halloween and autumn and will enjoy the pumpkins, the autumn leaves, and the Halloween candy, but--for me--Christmas is the light at… Continue reading Happy (Almost) Halloween!

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My Top 10 Favorite Christmas Movies

Finally the time of year has come where I never run out of things to watch. There are so many Christmas movies to watch and not enough time to watch them in! So, in preparation of squeezing in some extra hours on the couch, hiding from the cold (though it hasn't been that cold here… Continue reading My Top 10 Favorite Christmas Movies

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A Nerdy Valentine

Happy late Valentine's Day! I was planning to post this yesterday, but the day ended without me realizing it. My day was pretty uneventful. After working all day, I became preoccupied with rearranging my bedroom. After some great finds from Hobby Lobby, I was ready to redecorate my walls (which are now filled with dozens of… Continue reading A Nerdy Valentine


For the Love of Valentine’s Day

So, this is the month of the wondrous St. Valentine, who--although he has a holiday dedicated to him--has no reliable history anywhere available on the Internet (that I can locate). I had these big plans to quickly look up the history of Valentine's Day and to share my discoveries with you all, but my plans… Continue reading For the Love of Valentine’s Day


Thankful for: Snow Days!

I originally wasn't planning to write this, but--seeing as today is the second snow day I've had this season (yesterday being the first), I would like to express my gratitude for snow days and the little unexpected break from work: Thank you, Lord, for snow days! Usually I'm not too fond of cold weather, and… Continue reading Thankful for: Snow Days!


Thankful for: Friendship and New Experiences

Last week, I went to the Oklahoma City Art Museum for the first time ever. I had never ever been there before even though I was in art club in high school, am interested in drawing/painting, and live less than two hours away. There's really no excuse for me not going before. But, it's done now, and… Continue reading Thankful for: Friendship and New Experiences


Thankful for: My Family (aka The Hawkins Clan)

In my first Thanksgiving post, I listed 50 not-so-typical items that I'm thankful for, since usually no one gets past the basic (but nonetheless amazing) blessings. Well, this post is different...more of a normal Thanksgiving post, in which I want to express my thankfulness for...MY FAMILY. But I also want to take it a bit further and use… Continue reading Thankful for: My Family (aka The Hawkins Clan)