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7 Lovely Love-Songs for Valentine’s Day

It seems that Valentine's Day is the event which will resurrect my blog. Only, my blog wasn't dead...just hibernating for a little while. I've written a lot about Valentine's Day in the past. For example, I wrote about how much I love Valentine's Day. Another time, I wrote about mine and my sister's nerdy Valentine's… Continue reading 7 Lovely Love-Songs for Valentine’s Day

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Artistic and Musical Whovians

When I'm feeling down, one thing that helps is to have a friend who will kidnap me and take me to do fun things. Luckily, I have one such friend. Pretty recently, this friend (Ashlee)--who is infamous for lugging me off to several fun places like the zoo or the medieval fair--once again worked her magic… Continue reading Artistic and Musical Whovians

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Bookish Games ~ The Letter L!

Thank you to the blog, Raised Reading, for giving me this great and fun blog idea! The point of the game is to pick any letter from the alphabet and, using that letter, fill in your favorite book, author, etc. I am using the letter "L." How did I come up with this letter? Well, I… Continue reading Bookish Games ~ The Letter L!