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Poetry Corner: The God-Given Library

Poetry Corner is here again, and I have a lovely one to share today! Today's poem is written by Grace Noll Crowell, someone I had not heard of until writing my January blog post, and this is my third poem to share by her since then. I'm loving her style! If you can't tell from the… Continue reading Poetry Corner: The God-Given Library

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Poetry Corner: Daffodils

With springtime now alive and well, as I discussed last week, I've been decorating my house with flowers, since I don't have a garden to plant them in (yet). Last week, I bought two succulents, and today I walked out of Wal-Mart with some pink flowers and a pot to plant them in. To celebrate… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Daffodils

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Poetry Corner: To the Passing of the Year

It's funny what you might find hidden on the shelf at the library. During the first few weeks at my new job, while perusing the literature section, I spotted an old poetry book, which probably hadn't been checked out for a long while. After glimpsing through a few of the poems, I found that I… Continue reading Poetry Corner: To the Passing of the Year

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Poetry Corner: What Christmas is All About

Happy December and Merry Christmas! It's only just beginning to sink in that Christmas is around the corner. Now that my Christmas break is here, I'm trying to watch all the Christmas movies I can and listen to as much Christmas music as possible in hopes that it will begin to feel like December before… Continue reading Poetry Corner: What Christmas is All About

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Poetry Corner: Lyrical Autumn Changes

Since tomorrow is the beginning of autumn, I would like to change things up a bit by sharing a poem about the changing seasons. Because isn't change what fall is all about? Changing leaves, changing weather, changing from sandals to boots and tank tops to big fluffy sweaters. What lovely change. This autumn will actually present more… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Lyrical Autumn Changes