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Thankful for: BOOKS!

Over the past month of writing Thanksgiving posts, I have realized that I am extremely thankful for books. Without them, my life as I know it would not exist. This statement might seem a bit drastic, but the more I think about it, the more true it seems to be. Without the existence of books,… Continue reading Thankful for: BOOKS!


Thankful for: My Family (aka The Hawkins Clan)

In my first Thanksgiving post, I listed 50 not-so-typical items that I'm thankful for, since usually no one gets past the basic (but nonetheless amazing) blessings. Well, this post is different...more of a normal Thanksgiving post, in which I want to express my thankfulness for...MY FAMILY. But I also want to take it a bit further and use… Continue reading Thankful for: My Family (aka The Hawkins Clan)