Instagram-ing Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has been on my mind lately because, well, Thanksgiving is this Thursday. In conjunction with that, I've also been thinking about social media. I've read several blogs, it seems like, that discuss how social media often breeds discontent because people compare their own lives, accomplishments, and possessions with those of others. Seen from the… Continue reading Instagram-ing Thanksgiving

Books · Holidays

Thankful for: BOOKS!

Over the past month of writing Thanksgiving posts, I have realized that I am extremely thankful for books. Without them, my life as I know it would not exist. This statement might seem a bit drastic, but the more I think about it, the more true it seems to be. Without the existence of books,… Continue reading Thankful for: BOOKS!


Thankful for: My Family (aka The Hawkins Clan)

In my first Thanksgiving post, I listed 50 not-so-typical items that I'm thankful for, since usually no one gets past the basic (but nonetheless amazing) blessings. Well, this post is different...more of a normal Thanksgiving post, in which I want to express my thankfulness for...MY FAMILY. But I also want to take it a bit further and use… Continue reading Thankful for: My Family (aka The Hawkins Clan)