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The Quotable Anne: The Bend in the Road

I got my hair cut today. Just a trim. Nothing drastic. I'm sure only the very observant will notice that anything is at all different about me. That's how it is just about every time I get my hair cut. I'm not a big fan of change--both in well as in life. Today's highlighted… Continue reading The Quotable Anne: The Bend in the Road

Books · The Quotable Anne of Green Gables

The Quotable Anne: Kindred Spirits and Hospitality

This past summer I have been rereading the Anne of Green Gables series by L.M. Montgomery. These books have been very helpful to me these past months. While I've been learning new roles, meeting new people, and discovering new places, the cheerful, positive,  and contented tone of these books has been very beneficial during this… Continue reading The Quotable Anne: Kindred Spirits and Hospitality


On a Scale of Charlie Brown to Anne Shirley

A couple years ago, there was a sort of game going on social media that had people choosing and posting three characters from literature or television that best revealed their personality. With my love for personality quizzes and such, it is no surprise at all that I chose my three characters--and took great delight in… Continue reading On a Scale of Charlie Brown to Anne Shirley


Memorable Sisters in Literature

At some point in time, someone--somewhere--decided that August the fifth should be declared National Sisters' Day. While I might not know the specifics of this holiday's creation, I do know that I definitely have reason to celebrate--six sisters is something to celebrate, after all. While my bunch might not be model sisters (I definitely remember lots of diary-reading,… Continue reading Memorable Sisters in Literature


The Toughest Question (for Book Enthusiasts)

Any book enthusiast out there will know that one of the most difficult questions to be asked is "What is your favorite book?" As I librarian, I get asked this question more than the average person. I go to a new dentist. They ask my profession. I answer. Then it comes..."Oh, you must like to read. What's … Continue reading The Toughest Question (for Book Enthusiasts)


Favorite Introverts from Literature

I am writing this post as a result of rereading Anne of Green Gables. It's not because of Anne herself. Anne is probably the most extroverted of all of the extroverts out there. No, I had Matthew Cuthbert in mind. He is such a lovable character, but he is so introverted--which got me thinking. What other lovable introverts… Continue reading Favorite Introverts from Literature

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Motherly Wisdom from “Little Women”

Looking forward to the new Masterpiece version of Little Women airing tonight, my plan over the last couple of weeks has been to read the book. Considering that the '90s version with Winona Ryder is one of my favorites, it's hard to believe I've waited 'til now to read the book. Sadly, that's the case with many… Continue reading Motherly Wisdom from “Little Women”